Advanced Technologies
NO DIG Technologies
Water Quality - SeaQuest

Advanced Technologies

At Marshal Engineering we implement two main areas of advanced technologies:
  -  Horizontal Drilling and No-Dig Technologies
  - Water quality improvements using SeaQuest
Horizontal Drilling and No-Dig Technologies
Marshal Engineering have an experience team who specialized in the area of Horizontal Drilling and No-Dig technologies.  The engineers at Marshal specialized in preparing assessment report that cover the following subjects:
  1.  Sewer distribution and service line rehabilitation, for both pressured and un-pressured sewer lines
  2.  Water distribution and service line rehabilitation, for both pressured and un-pressured water lines
  3.  Rehabilitation of transmission lines and storage reservoirs.
At Marshal we are able to recognize the most advanced State-of-Art technologies for your project.  We have vast experience in the Israeli market and the application of no-dig technologies in all areas of the country.  Please note, that Marshal is the engineering company who has expert in this subject that speaks Hebrew and reside in Israel.
Water quality improvements using SeaQuest
SeaQuest is a polyphosphate blend called SeaQuest, manufacture by Aqua Smart Inc. ( ) located in the United States.  SeaQuest is a non-hazard chemical made from inorganic phosphate and a proprietary SQ547 formula that keeps constant poly and ortho phosphate ratio in water. The SeaQuest’s proprietary SQ 547 technology does not involve any change in phosphate chemistry. Such phosphate compounds are readily used in numerous common grocery store foodstuffs including baked goods, dairy goods, meats, drinks, eggs, cereals, etc. The SQ 547 proprietary technology does involve how the blended ingredients are put together under a unique environment that results in all the listed product claim benefits. Just as Coca Cola formulation and recipe is proprietary and made in Atlanta, Ga., so to SeaQuest formulation and recipe is proprietary and made in Atlanta, Ga. Both products enjoy a long history of safe human consumption. 
SeaQuest is approved for use and used in drinking water supply in many countries throughout the world, among them are United States, England, Russia, Canada, Belgium, France, China, Poland, Israel, Mexico, and Czech Republic.  SeaQuest is also certified by NSF/ANSI Standard 60 as drinking water additive. 
Benefits of using SeaQuest in drinking water supply include the following:
 -  Providing optimum corrosion control protecting distribution piping while significantly increasing the life of distribution pipes already in the ground.
-  The elimination of red (from iron) and black (from manganese) discoloration of drinking water and therefore, elimination of the majority of customers' complaints and increased customers confident in drinking water supply.
-   The removal of pre-existing encrustation and corrosion and eliminating biofilm build-up while maximizing flows and pressure also minimizes electrical costs.
-  Eliminating the need for future cleaning, coating programs and pipe replacement programs.