Water and Wastewater
Energy and Communications
Civil Engineering


Professional Services Included:
Water Resources, surface water, groundwater and recycled water:
            Marshal specializes in a variety of water resources related project at an international, national and local level.  Marshal experience include:  master planning for use of surface and groundwater and recycled water, storm water and drainage systems, water sources management during drought, and prioritizing water sources for long term use and maximizing their potential. 
Services offer include:
  ·    Groundwater exploration
  ·     Water availability and conditions studies
  ·     development of master plans for immediate and future water use
  ·     development and forecast water availability
  ·     hydrological Investigations
  ·     groundwater and surface water quality studies
  ·     recycled water use forecasting planning and studies
  ·     storm drain and catch basins design and management
  ·     water balance studies
Water and Wastewater conveyance systems and treatment facilities:
            Marshal specialized in the design of small and large diameter transmission and distribution mains for water and wastewater systems, design of storage reservoirs and pump and lift station facilities.  For example, Marshal provided planning and design services to Mekorot, Israel National Water Carrier which include the design of major transmission lines, reservoirs and pump stations.   Marshal is also responsible for water and wastewater systems planning, design and construction supervision for the City of Jerusalem which results in projects valued in millions of dollars per year.  Marshal also has national and international experience in provide feasibility studies and general design plan for water and wastewater facilities, which include traditional and cutting-edge treatment technologies.  Marshal also has professionals who have hands-on experience in operation of small and large municipal water supply systems.
Services offer include:
  ·    Prepare master plans and feasibility studies for urban and rural water supply systems
  ·   Detailed design and construction of large transmission lines and distribution mains in a complex developed cities and in rural areas
  ·    Detailed design and construction of water storage facilities and pump stations
  ·    Detailed design and construction of wastewater collection and transmission systems including forced and gravity mains, and lift stations.
  ·   Design and construction of recycled water convene systems and storage facilities
  ·   Design and implementation of existing transmission and mains innovative rehabilitation methods, including slip lining, pipe bursting and chemical treatment.
  ·    Design and construction of  horizontal directional drilling project for underground utilities at complex cross sections
  ·    Prepare operation plans and standards for water treatment facilities, included ground water and surface water facilities such as conventional water treatment, chlorination and fluoridation facilities.
  ·    Solving operational and treatment issues of small and large municipal and rural water supply system.
  ·    Water Wells drilling and rehabilitations consultation
  ·    Chemical rehabilitation of water transmission and distribution mains
Sea water and brackish water desalination:
            Marshal team included professionals with specific experience in feasibility studies, evaluations of alternatives and design, construction and planning of desalination and brackish water treatment facilities.  This experience also includes hands-on operation experience of large and small reverse osmosis treatment.
Services offer include:
  ·     General design and feasibility studies for implementation of RO facilities
  ·     Evaluation of treatment alternatives for Sea water and brackish water sources
  ·     Feasibility and cost analysis of RO and membranes treatment facilities
  ·     Detail design and construction of transmission and distribution mains
  ·     Preparation of specifications and operation plans for RO and membranes treatment facilities
Construction Management, Surveying and supervision:
 Marshal Engaged with planning, supervision, management, monitoring and control of all underground and above ground utilities projects including: water, sewage, drainage and irrigation, design and construction of service tunnels for underground systems and electricity cables, civil engineering works for infrastructures of very high voltage, communications utilities, integrated urban infrastructure, and coordination of services in complex projects, fuel lines.
Services offer include:
  ·     Construction management of underground and above ground utilities
  ·     Certified surveying services
  ·     Supervision and as built construction services
  ·     Detail design and construction of transmission and distribution mains
  ·    Construction projects inspection and quality assurance services
  ·    Construction project financial and change order management